The Global Warming is Happening and is Real!

Dear all, You would have noticed recently that the heat during the day and night have been unbearably high. This is as a result of heat waves stemming from the emission of greenhouse gases. Experts have warned us to prepare for more hot days and warm nights. This preparation will require smart adaptation strategies and

Know Your Purpose to Live Your Life!

I believe every human being came to earth with ability to create something that is unique to help his generation to live his legacy as we normally do to our forefathers. Also, if we do not use this potential divine of creating big things then it’s hard to be inherent as we know every divine

The Role of Science and Technology on food and climate!

With Tanzania Ambassador to United State of America Honorable Madam Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar, Janice Lathen and other diplomatic core from America and Tanzania to support the project of powering potential at Banjika Secondary School as introduced by Entrepreneur Mr Emanuel Kwaslema with key note Speech on the vital role of science and technology as a