The Role of Science and Technology on food and climate!

With Tanzania Ambassador to United State of America Honorable Madam Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar,
Janice Lathen and other diplomatic core from America and Tanzania to support the project of 
powering potential at Banjika Secondary School as introduced by Entrepreneur Mr Emanuel 
Kwaslema with key note Speech on the vital role of science and technology as a fundamental key 
for the implementation of the global goals especially population, climate, food and 
As he believe Science and Technology for young entrepreneurs and innovators are among the 
things that can provide re-orientation approach for improved innovation and entrepreneurship 
involving education, training, research, finance, management and the government decisions. 
Gecoso Enterprises creates the necessary climate for innovation, information exchange, sharing
of experience, facilities and opening new avenues for students, teachers, researchers and 
industrial managers to grow in a trans-disciplinary culture, each understanding 
depends on the other's inputs for starting a successful business and economic venture. 
Also, this will pave our way on feeding global population by 2050, if young people get it 
right and acted together for big result and food data revolution.
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