I just wanted to say that Gecoso honey is the BEST RAW HONEY I HAVE EVER TASTED! I will NEVER buy another honey unless I am convinced it is as good as this. I had this for the first time today in my new raw muesli recipe that I made for breakfast and it is just fantastic. Thank you so much for having such a stellar product!

Robert Msemo

Just had to tell you I bought a jar of Gecoso Honey 2 days ago and immediately began applying it to a sore on my head that has not healed in 6 months! This, despite daily washing, applications of Neosporin, and various other herbal healing compounds. After the first application of your honey, the sore stopped weeping and began to fill in. Three days later, it is close to fully healed. Amazing!

Jonas Ndunguru

I love Gecoso Honey! Of all the raw honeys I have tasted, it is my personal favorite. It is rich and smooth, and eats like a complete food-not refined but handled in such a way that all the good elements of honey are available. A sugar craving is easily settled by scooping out a teaspoon of the honey, which is something I would never do with other honey.

Julius Kiting’ati

Hi, I just wanted to let your company know how unbelievable your honey is!!! The taste the texture and appearance is like no other honey me and my husband have tried. We get tired of fake products on grocery store shelves claiming its raw honey when it tastes terrible. So keep up the good work and keep them bees happy!!

Gerasia Andrea

Gecoso makes a superior product with a charming label and it tastes better than regular honey because it has the goodness of all the other nutrients like pollen and propolis blended in. Plus it is creamy and spreadable! It sells like hotcakes and deserves to be spot-lit in every natural food store. Stack it high, display it near produce, demo it regularly—and your will create a blockbuster.

Caleb Bandora

I am contacting you because I have fallen in love with your honey. I love it! The taste, the purpose, my friends and I consume more than our entire city put together! Honest. I am racing as a professional tri-business. That being the reason for my large consumption of honey/peanut butter sandwiches. I have found they are the best pro-business race meal and pre-workout breakfast. They make me go fast! Many thanks and I love your product, glad we found it!

Christine Edwin

I buy your honey at Whole Foods. You have the best of any raw honey out there! Don’t ever change a thing!

Jackson Steive

A great big thank you to the whole Gecoso Honey family for your continued commitment to sustainable and ecologically conscious business practices, and for providing a superior, natural, raw food product in an age of (mostly) disturbing cultivation, harvesting, processing, and distribution of nutritionally bankrupt edibles.  I was sharing my experiences of your raw honey with a friend today; we checked out your website (which is great), and I was inspired to leave a comment.  So once again, thank you!

Tesha Goodluck

Thank you for the honey. This is wonder stuff! Our children love it, and we are encouraged by the immune system building potential, with every bite of the honey they ingest. Keep up your standards!

Jane John